Sunshine Harvester Works Fremantle WA Sunshine Harvester Works Fremantle WA

Sunshine Harvester Works

On the outside of the building, hand-painted sunflowers by local artist Holly Ogden add even more colour to the facade and perfectly symbolise what you’ll experience inside, from the food to the fun of the space. And as it’s walking distance from Freo train station makes it an easy go-to for any dining occasion.

By Sophia Holl

The Sunshine Harvester, built in 1911 in Melbourne, was an innovative machine that could harvest and bag grain simultaneously.

Inspired from its namesake, this food hall in the East End of Fremantle brings together up and coming chefs under one roof with individual kitchens to cook and showcase their fare without the pressure of investing in their own bricks and mortar restaurant. It makes for an opportune set up, catering to all tastes for a casual meal for families or groups of friends, all under one roof.

Replacing The Mantle in 2020, this food incubator is a vast space that extends over 800 square meters in a heritage-listed warehouse. Entering through bright yellow front doors, wooden street signs direct you to each food stall and acts as a guide through the open planned space to peruse the cuisines on offer. The airy common dining room, featuring long wooden shared tables and plants hanging from a central wall installation, are later bagged for the eating. 

Each food stall offers its own unique charm, it’s a melting pot of design, cultures and cuisines. 

Street Food


The brainchild of former MasterChef contestant, Brendan Pang, who blends his Mauritian and Asian cooking heritage to create crispy wontons, noodles and, of course, dumplings! Crispy taro dumplings bursting with pork and mushroom filling, silken black bean tofu and eggplant or Mauritian barbeque pork noodles are must-tries on the menu. For those who can handle the heat, give Brendan’s Sichuan Chicken Dumplings, with black vinegar and chilli oil, a go. Plus check out the Mauritian-style banh mi’s at Pantry 92 brought to you by Brendan’s aunt every Sunday for 'Sunday Bun Day' from midday.

Westside Wingz

Specialises in, you guessed it, juicy chicken wings. Owner Brian Carlwell, a professional basketball player from the States, set up shop in July this year, after failing to find anywhere in Perth that perfectly captured the flavoursome chicken wings he’d grown up within his hometown of Chicago. Select from the four chicken wing flavours on offer; Louisiana Rub, Buffalo, Lemon Pepper and recently added, Nashville BBQ, to experience the finger-licking goodness. Not one for chicken wings? They also do Mac'n'Cheese and hearty servings of classic hot chips to accompany any meal.

Two Stacks

Serving up those crispy yet juicy smashed beef patties we’ve all seen on Instagram, this popular burger joint knows how to handle a spatula and a grill. How do you ‘smash’ a burger, you ask? Starting with a ball of seasoned beef mince, this gets thrown on a sizzling grill, smashed into a thin patty with the back of a spatula, and cooked to crispy perfection. The Beef Chipotle Cheese Smash is a crowd-favourite, with double smashed patties, cheese, jalapeno and chipotle mayo sandwiched between two toasted, Brioche buns. Juicy chicken tenders are also on the menu, as well as loaded fries, topped with a smashed patty, grilled onion, Stack Sauce and cheese sauce to boot.

Dingo Dining

Is all about chilli. With a special interest in artisan hot sauces packed with flavour, minus the preservatives, owner and Head Chef, Leigh Nash, began Dingo Sauce Co in 2016. Taking the famous North Fremantle icon, Dingo Flour, Nash knew he wanted a symbol that locals could identify with, and it doesn’t get more North Freo than the famous Red Dingo. His sauce business a glowing success, Nash turned his focus to a new venture, Dingo Dining, specialising in natural, preservative-free cooking with a Modern Asian street food twist. Try the Chilli Salt Fried Silken Tofu or Twice Cooked Sticky Beef Short Ribs, both a perfect representation of everything Nash loves; chilli and abundant Asian flavours.  

Ray’s Satay

Plates up modern Singaporean BBQ meals, with satay staples and a few experimental items on the menu. Beef fillet and chargrilled chicken skewers, served with rice and peanut sauce, will satisfy your satay cravings. Ray likes to experiment with Singaporean flavours, blending these with western menu items. A recent addition, the Beef Rendang Burger, served with double cheese on a milk bun, bursts with Asian flavours, fused with typical cheeseburger ingredients.

Bumplings Dumplings Sunshine Harvester Fremantle WA 5 Bumplings Dumplings Sunshine Harvester Fremantle WA 5
Left - Bumplings selection of Chinese-Mauritian street food
Bumplings Dumplings Sunshine Harvester Fremantle WA 7 Bumplings Dumplings Sunshine Harvester Fremantle WA 7
Above - Bumplings Airstream kitchen

Sit Down

Al Pastor Taqueria

The resident taco and tequila bar, delivers authentic Mexican fares in their decked-out space within the Sunshine Harvester. The decor, a mix of painted palettes, a tiled walk-up bar, sit-down booths and bright Mexican papel picado flags strung around the venue, transports diners to Mexico City, with the food equally authentic and traditional. Regular live music performances from local artists and DJ’s makes this one spot where you’ll want to grab a couple of friends and hit up on a night out. Get stuck into some of their star menu items, like Korean Bulgogi beef tacos, three-cheese ‘Gringo’ fries and refreshing jalapeño margaritas.

Freo Pizza Factory

Is all about keeping with tradition. Specialising in Roman-style thin pizza bases, their doughs rise for 72-hours before heading for the pizza oven. Gluten-free and vegan options means no one is left out at this resident pizza joint. Traditional flavours, such as Delicata, with mozzarella, Italian mushroom and truffle, and Rustica, with a tomato base, sausages, salami and chilli, are but a few of the many options on their extensive menu. For a lighter meal perfectly paired with the summer heat, try their Antipasto Plate, an ideal combination of cheese, prosciutto and focaccia bread.

Sweet Treat 

Stampede Gelato

Stacking up close to 50 new flavours each month, there’s always something interesting and outrageous to try here to cap off your night at the Harvester. Vegemite White Chocolate (we did say the flavours were interesting!), Cherry Ripe, Salted Pistachio, Chocolate Chilli Sorbet, Honey Soy Sauce and Salted Nutella are some of the unique flavours on offer. 

Fat Boi Brownies

Delivers loaded brownies to remember. Favours include OG Peanut Butter, Caramilk, Golden Kit Kat Macadamia, Biscoff and Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie on the menu. Indulge as a sweet treat to finish your dinner, or buy a mixed box to savour at home.

In the drinks department...

Union Brewery and Distillery is the in-house bar offering award-winning pale ales and lagers plus house-brewed Bellwether Whisky, Beacon Gin and even their own, Union Limoncello. Brewer Steve Ryan has been distilling spirits since 2008, with Union Brewery operating since 2018. From his bar made of concrete breeze blocks, he serves up twelve taps featuring a rotating roster of beers and ciders including our favourite GAP (ginger, apple, pear cider). Brews can also be purchased to take home. 

Al Pastor Fremantle WA Lowres
Sunshine Harvester Works Fremantle WA 8 Sunshine Harvester Works Fremantle WA 8
Left - Stampede Gelato
Sunshine Harvester Works Fremantle WA 3 Sunshine Harvester Works Fremantle WA 3
Above - Fat Boi Brownies

Photo credit: Sunshine Harvester Works

Sunshine Harvester Works


Wednesday to Friday 5pm – 9pm

Saturday to Sunday 11.30am - 9pm

Note: Individual hours change per vendor.