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We know Fremantle to be a place that oozes heritage and history, quirky character and is home to the Cappuccino Strip, Little Creatures, and lazy days down at South Beach. Yet, there is much more to uncover in this colourful port city.

By Julia D'Orazio

After spending nearly all my childhood growing up near Fremantle, I thought I knew the city like the palm of my hand. Clearly, I didn't.

From its hidden artworks, hole-in-the-wall spaces and layered history, thankfully, there are people to help guide the way.

Fremantle Tours offer the quintessential way to experience Fremantle on foot or by bike. Homegrown and locally run by husband-and-wife duo Michael Deller and Lucy Barrett, their award-winning tours shine a light on Fremantle's ever-evolving canvas as they get into the nitty-gritty of Freo's eclectic culture and ethos.

As a third-generation Fremantle local, Michael knows a thing or three about his hometown. Having worked as a tour guide across Western Australia (running tours through the Southwest, East Kimberley and Perth), he now focuses on Freo and sharing his passion for the port city.

With a few hours to spare, I hopped on a "Street Art, Beers and Bikes" tour because what's more Freo than getting around on a retro bike to roam this vibrant village?

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Starting at their café, The Dellars, we were kitted up with bikes and helmets before Michael began to delve into the stories behind the city's big, bold, and unexpectedly discrete artworks and the local and international artists behind them.

I quickly discovered how much of a library of knowledge Michael is within minutes of the tour taking off. Fremantle has a rich history dating back 40,000 years with its Aboriginal culture, to early European and British colonisation, and its convict history through to the creative hub it is renowned for today.

The crisscrossing Tour de Freo covers a lot of ground during its three-hour circuit, cruising around the iconic West End Heritage Precinct towards South Beach then to Freo's north exploring its back alleys, abandoned buildings and stopping to take in the vibrant street art facades. Michael's admiration for Fremantle is evident, radiating with each story he shares.

The tour stopped at Fremantle's 'gram-worthy spots by renowned mural street artists Amok Island, Anya Brock, and Brenton See. Larger-than-life depictions of Fremantle's leading ladies, professional soccer player Sam Kerr, and the country's first female elected to the senate, Dorothy Tangney, are also highlighted.

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Like any social cycle, it wouldn't have been complete without some mandatory pitstop to recharge and engage in revelry.

We double-dipped when it came to having a taste of Fremantle's thriving bar and restaurant scene, visiting two locally-run bars, The Local and Piggy Food Co.

The tour includes two complimentary middies of beer or non-alcoholic drinks to quench the thirst, so there is no need to whip out the wallet. It's also a great way to get to know the other pedal pushers on tour (groups are limited to ten, so it remains intimate).

Having covered roughly 15km, my ride didn't feel like a tough slog - quite the contrary. It's a great way to lap up Freo's relaxed vibe and take in the scenery from two wheels. Afterwards, I felt energised getting to know Fremantle a little more personally. Michael made me appreciate just how creative and progressive Fremantle's art community has been over the last few decades and how it continues to inspire today.

Fremantle Tours run several walking, bike and culinary tours lasting 2 to 3 hours. Find all the details here.

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Photo credit: Fremantle Tours / Ringo Agus / Study Perth

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Fremantle Tours run several walking, bike and culinary tours lasting 2 to 3 hours.