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How To Get To Fremantle

Find out the best spots to park in Fremantle, how to get free bikes and buses, and other tips for an epic Freo adventure.


Heading to Fremantle by car from Perth city will take you about 30 minutes. The fastest route is on the Mitchell Freeway, which runs South past the Swan River. For an extra four minutes (or approximately one rendition of Highway to Hell), you can take the scenic route, which takes in the Indian Ocean and infamous Fremantle Port.

Tip: Work out where you're going to park before heading into Fremantle. That way, you won't get stuck driving in circles around its one-way streets when you arrive.


Finding an accessible park in Fremantle will depend on when you're visiting. Peak times like the weekend and school holidays prove more of a challenge, so being in the know of the best spots will make parking a lot less stressful.

If you're heading to the Fremantle Markets, the main Cappuccino Strip, or just want a central spot to park for the day, Kings Square Car Park on Henderson Street is your best bet. Parking costs $2.50 per hour, early bird parking from $9 and weekend parking from $12.

If you're heading to the West End of Fremantle, try your luck on Henry Street, Pakenham Street or other side streets around the area. The Collie Street Car Park is another excellent option. It's a leisurely three-minute stroll to the markets and costs $2.50 per hour.

Tip: Nearly all street parking in Fremantle city requires a ticket. Download the PayStay mobile phone app, so you can check your parking and pay for more time if you need it.

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Trains between Perth and Fremantle station run every 10 - 15 minutes. The entire journey takes about thirty minutes and will set you back around $4.90 (adult fare). The centre of Fremantle is a short walk from the station, or get a free CAT bus to unique Freo spots further away, as it winds its way to South Beach then back into Fremantle city.

Transperth offers free late-night trains on Friday and Saturday nights between midnight and 3am to ensure everyone gets home safely. On weekdays, the last train out of Fremantle is at 11.55pm, so be sure to plan your evening with this in mind.

Tip: If you're going to use the train regularly, buy a SmartRider card from a newsagent for 10% off train tickets.


Fremantle has a free CAT bus, which runs seven days per week, every twenty minutes. The first ride is at 7.25am on weekdays and 10am on weekends. The last ride is 6.25pm, except for Fridays when it runs until 7.45pm. The blue CAT goes between Fremantle Station and South Beach, looping through South Terrace and Marine Terrace.

If you're not on a train line, taking the bus to Fremantle is relatively easy. Most buses to Fremantle will take you to the Fremantle Station, only a short walk to the rest of town. You can pay for your ticket with cash when you get on the bus or using a SmartRider card.

Tip: Transperth has a JourneyPlanner that makes it simple to find a bus route to Fremantle from your location.

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Riding a bike is one of the best ways to explore Fremantle. Plenty of dedicated bike lanes make it easy to cycle between unique spots like South Beach, the Fishing Boat Harbour, and the West End. Plus, most cycle routes are on reasonably level ground.

The Fremantle Visitor Centre offers free bike hire to adults and teenagers. You'll need to pay a refundable deposit, plus bring a photo ID before you grab your two wheels.

Some local boutique hotels also provide free bikes to guests staying the night – like Hougoumont Hotel and Tradewinds Hotel. Bicycles can also be hired from Port City Cycles (in North Fremantle). Or explore Fremantle by bike with Fremantle Tours.


Freo is a walking city with most of the best spots within walking distance. Fremantle is the perfect place for slowing down, taking in its heritage charm and indie stores, and having your own little adventure.

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